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Coaching Packages

The coaching services will be tailored to the needs of SME beneficiaries.

SMEs can benefit from one or more of the following assistance packages for up to a total of 10 days of coaching:

Pre-assistance discovery session

• Review and discuss self-assessment

• Company pre-check together with coach

• Feedback on existing strategic plan, sales strategy, product/pricing, management & team, financials, organisation, culture and compliance

• Fine tune and priorisation of the identified needs

• Revision of the required services

• Define concrete next steps for remaining service delivery

Market Readiness



• Product review and validation

• Discover and refine product market fit

• Product/Service offering

• Business model review and validation

• Understand the buyer's journey/profile/sales cycle

• Identify potential clients, partners and reseller




• Articulate value proposition

• Define unique selling point

• Company presentation

• Sales pitch

• Understand government defence plans to secure continuous funding

• Estimate total addressable market

• Developing the right partnerships with defence contractors and government agencies

• Access to public procurement for defence products


Corporate Strategy



• Define company vision and mission

• Define the strategy

• Align strategy with market needs and government regulations

• Goals & KPIs

• Action planning

Investment Readiness



• Assessment of strenghts and weaknessess

• Identify company's financing needs

• Essentials of investment business case

• Build and fine-tune your business plan

Commercial Due Diligence


• Review of market demand and level of market growth in the defence industry

• Analysis of the competitive environment and assess the level of competition in the market

• Analysis of key customers relationships (governments, prime contractors, etc.)

• Analyse forecast projections

Access to Finance



1. Get ready to action 

• Review and align financial strategy

• Optimise business and financial plan

• Define fundraising strategy (equity, debt)

• Identify list of potential investors

• Documentation overview (e.g. applications, shareholder agreements)

2. Secure financing 

• Guidelines for preparing detailed documentation

• Selecting & approaching investors

• Meeting preparation

• Analyse, negotiate and close

• Understand government defence plans to secure continuous funding

3. Pitching preparation

Improving Execution Capacity


1. Internal Dimension

• Project management

• Operational excellence

• Organisational design and workforce

• Risk management

• Refine procurement processes

2. External Dimension

• Enhance supply chain and logistics

• Outsourcing as a strategic asset

Legal Advice & IP



• Protecting IP: Patent, copyrights, design registrations, trademarks, logos, domain names

• Understand IP landscape, develop and maximise IP strategies and company's portfolio

• Technology ethics and regulations

• Defence regulatory frameworks & compliance requirements

• Decision making for current and futures practices

• Partnership's rights and liabilities

• Contract review and general legal advice




• Internationalisation readiness (self assessment)

• Assess and prioritise target markets and business opportunities

• Access to market - building relationships with prime contractors and governments

• Preparing an internationalisation plan

• Preparation for market approach - what to consider - identify clients and partners

• Exports regulations, restrictions and policies